Ai Panel CodeMarked for you and More!

* CodeMark is administered by the Australian Building Codes Board, who produces and maintains the National Construction Code NCC. Find out more at

Ai Panel is CodeMark certified!!

Businesses around the world have started to realise that digital marketing does not resolve all their sales and/or branding issues.

The best marketing strategies demand combinations of physical, digital, and emotional presence.

SAS Supplier Group, established in 2004, endeavours to assist Australian Signage, Fitout and Building industries in helping their customers to generate this market-leading presence.

With this as our overarching strategy, our pre-finished colour-coated solid aluminium Ai Panel TM has been designed to transform your products and services to tap the growing markets that are increasingly demanding on compliance, practicality and inspiration.

So with Ai Panel TM, you are not only winning the short games.

You will be mastering the long ones too.

This is because Ai Panel TM 2mm and 3 mm have gone through super rigorous CodeMark certification process that warrantees every panel is manufactured, marked for NCC fire-safety conformity, and delivered as the ones being tested for Australian Standards.

The result?

You will hit the sweet-spots a lot more consistently and get a lot closer to your goals with less steps than your competitions with Ai Panel TM.

Start winning your short and long games with SAS!

SAS is adding more colours to our NCC-rated CodeMark-certified Non-combustible Group 1 solid aluminium panel – the Ai Panel TM!!

Location Location Location. The PHRASE for real estate.

At SAS, we supply products and services to get you where you want to go, with Differentiation – the FORMULA for sustainable, competitive and profitable business.

When the whole world is moving to be the most inclusive it has ever been, individualism is not just about tolerance and respect. It’s also about promoting one’s strengths over the others with positive impact and presence.

SAS’ Ai Panel TM already has the market best and most colour, thickness and size ranges. It allows you to design, construct and install unique and inspiring signs, fitouts and architectural products to help your customers win the differentiation game with cost effectiveness, efficiency and compliance.

Join SAS’ journey to evolve and innovate.

Take advantage of Ai Panel TM ’s expanding colour range.

New colours available from 01-Feb-2023:

Grooving & folding Ai Panel TM is easy. See our YouTube video.

Give us a call. We are here for you!

bochuan zhu
Author: bochuan zhu

bochuan zhu
Author: bochuan zhu