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Solid Aluminium Panel (ASP), in contrast to Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP with a foreign core structure bonded to two thin layers of aluminium), is crafted entirely from the most versatile, lightweight, and highly recycled metal in the modern economy – aluminium. This makes it an ideal choice for various applications, including Aluminium Cladding. Even scrap aluminium retains high economic value.

ASP differs in the chemical composition of the aluminium being used. With the right amount of minute additives, aluminium is turned into structurally sound alloy material that is stronger, tougher and chemically inert than the soft, malleable and galvanic (oxidizing) pure aluminium. Manufacturing processes such as tempering, further increases its physical and mechanical properties, though over-tempering may lead to brittleness.

SAS’ solid aluminium ASP – Ai Panel – consists entirely of H32 tempered 5052 aluminium alloy with perfect physical, mechanical and chemical properties just right for creative non-loadbearing decorative applications in the signage, fit-out and building industries for the extremely demanding Australian usages.

Ai Panel is marine grade, highly cold workable into any form, easy to fix and install, and reusable. Fire-rated as National Construction Code NCC Non-Combustible Group 1 material, it is legally permitted to use as signages, claddings, internal linings, materials, assemblies, and attachments to ceilings, non-loadbearing internal walls, common walls and external walls, as well as other general non-loadbearing sheet metal works. Simply use Ai Panel for your decorative creation will make you that much legally protected and crowd pleasing!

Together with features such as waterproof, mould-free, corrosion-resistance and complementary products and services, Ai Panel’s market best and most 70+ standard and innovative pre-finished, cleanable, consistent and inspiring colours, makes it the perfect input for you to create and excel.

Ai Panel is your must-have partner to generate aesthetically striking, emotionally resonant and photographically stunning presence for yourself and your customers.

In this digital and AI age, you win big with SAS and Ai Panel!

Architects, builders, installers, shopfitters, signage and other professional providers are advised to independently ascertain material suitability for their requirement.

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Certification: AS1530.1 | AS1530.3 | AS5637.1

What can Non-Combustible Aluminium AI Panels be used for?