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  • DX-06 Premium X-Displays

    +GST $33.60$54.00


  • DL-Slim Backlit Poster Frame

    +GST $58.80$276.00

Display & Exhibition

The Number ONE Choice of Display Equipment

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When you go to a shop, a restaurant, a museum, an exhibition or any other commercial or public places, and you are inspired by an wonderfully designed artwork, chances are, you are looking at creativity and innovation supported by SAS display equipment.

We are #1 In Australia for a reason.

Our SAS display equipment is the most popular because it strikes the right balance between aesthetics, functionalities, practicalities, convenience, durability, reusability and price.

Thinking about using AI technologies to erase the out-of-place display equipment that steal or jeopardise your perfect artistic creations?

SAS display equipment is your best partner – reliably backing you up while adding value, silently.

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SAS provides the widest range of Roller Banners, A-Frames, Promotion Tables, Brochure Stands, Poster Stands, L-banners, X-banners, Flag/Bean-banners, Bali/Teardrop Flags, Picture Frames, Light Boxes and Poster Hangers and more.


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Variety of display equipment hardware supply by SAS